My marketing background lead me in a search for a content management system(CMS) that would help me create beautiful, user friendly, mobile optimised websites for my clients that they could then regularly update themselves. I looked at a number of different CMS read numerous review articles and tried a number of different systems myself. I decided that the system I felt most comfortable using and recommending to my clients was Squarespace.


Why Squarespace?

Easy to use

Once your site is built, you can log in to Squarespace and use it with ease on day one. I provide a 1 hour training session to cover the basics. With Squarespace it is easy to keep your website content up to date, add new blog posts, new products, link with your social media activity and collect email addresses for your email marketing activities.

Mobile friendly

Mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all website traffic. This makes it critical that your website performs across any device. All websites developed using Squarespace are optimised for any device. So whether customers are looking at your site on their phone whilst travelling on the train, at home on the tablet or at their work on their desktop you can be assured that your website will look amazing and perform seamlessly on all those devices.

Peace of mind

One of the most important feature for me was that you'll never need to update any software, add security, or worry that one change can break something else on the site. You have access not only to me to help with any ongoing website needs but also access to the Squarespace support team who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You need never feel that you’re on your own.



I love getting to know your business and the people that work in it. I work with you to develop a website that will enhance your business operations and be easy for you to keep up to date. 

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