Email marketing is the use of email to maintain and to build relationships with both current and potential. In order to conduct email marketing you need permission to email the person and you need to add value and provide them with content that they want to receive. the ultimate goal is to have people looking out for your email in their inbox. As a small business, email marketing is a great way for you to cost effectively grow and nurture your business. Email marketing has a return on investment of 44% so why not investigate the possibilities for your business.


My essentials for email marketing

  • Make it easy for people to subscribe. Have a sign up form on your website, Facebook page and in your blog posts. Use short forms to gather peoples information, in most situations a name and email address is all that you require.
  • Let subscribers know what they are signing up for. Is it hints and tips about your particular industry, a regular company newsletter or notification of special offers.
  • Send a welcome email. This lets people know that they have subscribed to your list and that you appreciate the trust they have shown in you by giving you their email address.
  •  Make sure that your email marketing activities fit with you brand. Customise your email to include your logo, branding colours, and add links to your social media platforms and website in the footer of the email.
  • Like all online material, it is important make your content scan-able. Use images, sub headings, bold text and white space to break up your content.
  • Segment your list (break it into groups) and only send content that your subscribers will be interested in. Segmented lists have much higher response rates.
  • Communicate regularly. If you made a commitment of a monthly newsletter on the sign up form then you need to stick to this otherwise send regular emails to your list.
  • Make sure you edit your email campaign carefully. And ensure that it looks good both on a desktop and a mobile.
  • Make sure you have permission to email people.
  • Track what is working. What campaign appeals to different groups within your list? What day of week or time of day is the most effective time to send a campaign?
  • Use a friendly tone in your email.  Wherever possible send emails addressed to the person by name.
  • One of the most important things with email marketing is to only send email if you have something to say. This is one area that many companies overlook. By sending useful and valuable content you are building a relationship with that potential customer or enhancing an existing client relationship. Sending too many emails or irrelevant content is one of the fastest ways to turn people off your brand.

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I love this infographic from Campaign Monitor it shows at a glance how to head in the right direction with your email marketing campaign.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Source: Campaign Monitor