Take control of your website

taking control of your website.jpg

As a small business owner being in control of your website is crucial. For too many businesses the power rests with the technical experts, not with the business owners.

Your customers expect your website content to be up to date and relevant to your current customer offerings. One of the biggest turn off for customers when searching on the Internet is to come across outdated information, incorrect pricing, location or contact details. Particularly frustrating for customers are offers that have expired or links that don’t work.

You have no doubt experienced such frustration yourself. When potential new customers or current customers have a negative experience with your website, a great amount of damage to your company’s reputation can result.

Your website is like a huge banner accessible to everyone at any time of the day and from any location. It needs to represent what your company stands for and be engaging and relevant to your audience. A site that has never been updated or refreshed can leave the visitor feeling let down with your company solely from the experience on your website. 

These days there are powerful, yet simple to use, content management systems  (CMS) that can ensure that you are in control of your website; how it looks, adding new content, updating existing content, and the overall impression it gives visitors about your company. These new systems are giving control back to the business, where it should be.

Typically, businesses require some assistance to set up a new or refreshed site to ensure the marketing messages and technical basics are right. However, by insisting that a user-friendly content management system is used, and adequate staff training be provided by the website builder, the business retains control.

Some examples of contemporary user-friendly content management systems that are giving control back to businesses include; Squarespace, Wordpress and Weebly. There are many more.

These content management systems enable Small businesses to make changes to the content or add new blog posts, update photos, change prices, add new pages all without reference back to technical experts. These modern content management systems require no technical expertise and allow you to create an amazing looking website. If you can use Word or PowerPoint you will have no trouble picking up the necessary skills.

So take the plunge, spend some time on rebuilding your website on a modern user-friendly content management system.  Maintain your own site and your bottom line will thank you for it.